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 Tregony Pétanque Club

A Warm Welcome

Who we are?

A very warm welcome to Tregony Pétanque Club based in the beautiful Roseland area of outstanding natural beauty in Cornwall. 

We are a relatively new Club but since 2022 when the Club started, it has grown to 45 pétanque members. The Club’s first objective was to create and develop a professional playing area for the wonderful game of Pétanque – this was completed in early 2023 with six playing lanes!

Club Opening Times

The Club meets at the following times throughout the year:


Spring & Summer

Wednesday @ 4 pm

Thursday @ 6 pm

Saturday afternoon @ 2 pm


Autumn & Winter

Wednesday @ 3 pm

Thursday @ 6 pm

Saturday afternoon @ 2 pm


Look forward to seeing you soon!


Who we are?

Our members come from all ages and backgrounds. Pétanque can be played socially, competitively or both. The game offers a social connection and is a sport enjoyed by all abilities. Here at Tregony we believe in recognising the achievements of others and making sure all feel welcome!

Tregony Pétanque Club are very fortunate as the Club is close to a Social Club where at the end of play, many members retire to laugh, discuss or consider the lighter side of life over a coffee/tea or have a slightly stronger beverage.

We have a busy sporting calendar with both team and individual competitions (home and away) along with inter-county matches.

Our members also believe in enjoying the friendly aspect offered by the Club and hold many social events throughout the year which include, quiz evenings, melées with barbecues, open days, summer doubles (in-house) tournaments, New Year’s Day event …….

What is Pétanque?

What is Pétanque?

Pétanque originated in 1907 in a town called La Ciotat near Marseilles and was adapted by a café owner, Ernest Pitiot, for a gentleman named Jules Lenoir, a French Jeu Provençal player who developed a severe form of rheumatism which prevented him from running before he threw the boule.  The game of ‘Pétanque’ or ‘boules’ (the name used in France) uses an all-metal boule of different sizes, weights and colour depending on player preference.

Our friendly and enthusiastic members offer support and involve new members by helping them develop their technique for the game of Pétanque both prior and during play.


The sport is growing in popularity both in the UK and across the five continents from Argentina to China, from the foothills of the Himalayas to Mongolia and back to the warmer climates of Haiti, Brunei, Qatar and Malta to name a few!



The International governing body of Pétanque is called ‘Federation Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provencal’ (FIPJP) and was founded in 1958 in Marseille and has 112 national federations throughout the world.   In England our official body is called the ‘English Pétanque Association’ (EPA) which Tregony is affiliated to.

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